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How we treat

Clinical naturopath and nutritionist, Anita Scherrer combines scientific knowledge with natural approaches of medicine. It’s about tapping into the best of both worlds for your health.

There is one thing we need to be clear on: Your body has self-healing mechanisms already built in. Say your finger gets a paper cut. It is not surprising for the cut to heal within a matter of days, right? Your body really
doesn’t need you to do anything to heal it.

In fact, your body is busily self-healing in all kinds of ways, often without you even noticing. But sometimes it could use some help. So my job is to support and stimulate this self-healing mechanism where it’s needed. This approach is more powerful than many realise.

Your treatment plan

No one else has a body like yours. You have your own history, genetics, dietary habits, lifestyle and related health concerns. After identifying the underlying cause (or causes) of what is troubling you, an individualised treatment plan is created to stimulate your body’s innate healing ability.

Safe, effective non-pharmaceutical approaches include:

  • Herbal medicine
    Used for thousands of years, herbal medicine has become a science in its own right. Missing Link uses Metagenics and Nutrition Care products – often dispensed as capsules or liquid extracts.
  • Nutrition Care herbal liquids (alcohol-free)
    Safe for infants, children, elderly, pregnant and lactating women, and employees in ‘no alcohol’ workplaces (e.g. emergency services, pilots). Also advantageous for those with particular health sensitivities, such as gastrointestinal tract and liver disease.
  • Clinical nutrition
    Understanding how food is digested absorbed, transported, metabolised, stored and eliminated by your body. In short: how food affects your health and the best approach for you. See recipes
  • Homœpathy
    Homœpathy is based on the principle of ‘treating like with like’ to stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Highly diluted substances that produce symptoms in a healthy individual are used to treat similar symptoms in a sick person.
  • Flower essences
    These herbal infusions are made from the flowering part of the plant and are used to assist your emotional and mental health.
  • Lifestyle counseling
    How you live, work, exercise and relax all contribute to your health. By talking these through, we might find some fresh new approaches – so you feel better sooner. 

It’s important you are comfortable with what happens in a treatment. If one approach doesn’t appeal to you, that’s fine. Alternatives can always be discussed. 

Putting the plan in action

With your permission, treatments are scheduled as appropriate to your needs. In between treatments, you will be clear on what you can do to help speed up recovery and prevent future health problems. In consultations, you will receive regular reports on the progress – so you can see how far you have come.

Referral service

With some health conditions, other practitioners may be useful in helping you meet the health goals set for you in the treatment plan. If this is the case, Anita will explain why, what is likely to be involved and who the best practitioner for you might be.

Consultations at the Belconnen clinic, phone or Skype.

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Anita’s input was extremely useful. Her state-of the-art machine detected some intolerance to certain food groups from a mere hair sample. Anita’s findings quickly resolved my on-an-off bloating sensation and lethargic state. Not bad for a Canberra-based Swissie.  — Cécile in Sydney
"I was getting bad headaches about every month for decades The headaches were severe enough to require a lot of Panadol, which I didn’t like taking. After Anita carried out a thorough assessment of my health, she advised a simple change in eating patterns and a herbal supplement. I have not had a headache for five months now and my overall health and energy levels have never been better." — John
I would just like to share my experiences with Missing Link. I found the service impeccable. Not only was Anita warm and friendly but her professional knowledge is amazing. Through a few relevant questions and the biofeedback machine, useful details about my health were discovered that otherwise may have gone untreated or unnoticed for years and years. Anita is thorough and the results were fast, accurate and explained in a way that was meaningful and personal. - Michael
I loved your approach: warm and professional, friendly and calm. I came away with lots of hope and feel better just for that. I really liked the simplicity of your approach and appreciated that you didn't overload me with supplements or things to do. Seemed a lovely balance of dealing with the most important in a simple, practical way. And I liked that you were very attuned to what would actually work for me. — Chantal
Great to catch up again yesterday, E. and I are really enjoying our new "Wellness Journey" together, so thank you so much for all of your help and guidance so far. Pleased to say Coffee has not passed my lips since our first meeting, and also my weight has reduced considerably, which is all good news. — I.K. from Canberra

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